CATEGORY: August 2009

Remarks By The President In Town Hall On Health Care Grand Junction Colorado, 8/15/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you. Hello, Grand Junction! (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thank you. Everybody please have a seat. It is good to be back in Southwest Colorado. (Applause.) Last time I was here I had some really good peaches. (Laughter.) Somehow, though, Michelle and the girls got to go pick peaches — and I’m hoping they bring some back for me. It is nice to... [Read more]

Remarks by the President in town hall on health care, Belgrade, Montana, 8/14/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Montana! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s great to be here. Please, everybody have a seat, have a seat. Thank you so much. Thank you. I am excited to be back in Montana. (Applause.) I want to — Q Where’s Michelle? THE PRESIDENT: where’s Michelle? Come on, what is this, chopped liver here? (Laughter.) Michelle and the girls were supposed to go white... [Read more]

President Obama Speach at the Medal of Freedom ceremony, 8/12/2009

THE PRESIDENT: There are many honors and privileges bestowed on the occupant of this house, but few mean as much to me as the chance to award America’s highest civilian medal to the recipients that are here today. This is a chance for me — and for the United States of America — to say thank you to some of the finest citizens of this country, and of all countries. The men and women... [Read more]

Remarks by the President and Justice Sotomayor at reception in her honor

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody, and welcome to the White House. I am glad all of you could be with us today as we honor the newest member of our highest Court who I’m proud to address, for the very first time, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor. (Applause.) We are also honored to be joined by Justice Sotomayor’s new colleagues. We have Justice Ginsburg who is here — (applause) —... [Read more]

President Obama Speach at Town Hall on Health Insurance Reform in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 8/11/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Portsmouth! Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Everybody have a seat. Oh, thank you so — AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you! THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. Thank you. (Laughter.) It is great to be back in Portsmouth. (Applause.) It’s great to be back in New Hampshire. I have to say, though, that most of my memories of this state are cold. (Laughter.) So it’s... [Read more]

Remarks by the President ar fundraiser for State Senator Creigh Deeds, 8-6-09

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Virginia! (Applause.) It is good to be in Virginia. (Applause.) It’s not that far away, but — (laughter) — it’s still just good to be here. I still get a good vibe from Virginia. And I just want to begin by telling you one of the reasons I love Virginia is because early in my campaign, January — 2007 — (laughter) — I’m trying to... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at rally for State Senator Creigh Deeds, 8-6-09

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Virginia! (Applause.) Are you fired up? (Applause.) Are you ready to go? (Applause.) It is good to be in Virginia — (applause) — a place that has been good to me. (Applause.) First of all, it’s just good to be next to a guy who spends every single day thinking about your future, thinking about your children’s future and the future of this commonwealth;... [Read more]

Remarks by the President on the Confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, 8/6/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Well, I am pleased and deeply gratified that the Senate has voted to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor as our nation’s 111th Supreme Court justice. I want to thank the Senate Judiciary Committee, particularly its Chairman, Senator Leahy — as well as its Ranking Member, Senator Sessions — for giving Judge Sotomayor a thorough and civil hearing. And I thank... [Read more]

Remarks by the President before Meeting with John Roos, Ambassador-Designate to Japan

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. I think many of you are aware that a partnership between the United States and Japan is one of tremendous interest. It’s one of the cornerstones of our both security and economic well being. We have an extraordinarily close relationship based on shared values and shared interests. There is enormous respect between the people of Japan and the people of the... [Read more]

Remarks by the President on the Economy in Wakarusa, Indiana, 8/5/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. Well, it is wonderful to be in Wakarusa. Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome. Herman, thanks for the great introduction. It is great to be back in Indiana. (Applause.) This is as close as I’ve gotten to home in a while. (Laughter.) And I flew out here with somebody who I think the people of Indiana have known for a long time, have trusted for... [Read more]

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