Will The Youth Votes Go In Favor Of Obama In November 2012 Again?

December 26, 2011

It was clear that Obama considered the youth to be a powerful political force in 2008, and his win indicated their support for his policies. However, for the upcoming elections in November 2012, and several commentators have voiced their doubts about this important segment of Americans backing the President for a second term.

Some say that the President’s policies speak for themselves – affordable health care and college education, the end of the war in Iraq, eliminating the practices of torture and the annulment of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy – and only recently, the payroll tax cuts for working Americans.

Time and time again, his message towards young people being the future of the country has been made real by ending subsidies to banks and using that money to double the size of Pell grants so that students would end up paying less for college.

When it comes to health care, young people can stay on their parents’ health care plans until 26 years of age so that they can begin their careers without having to worry about these essentials, while insurance companies have to show greater accountability. Most of all, in passing reform that will protect young Americans from unfair financial practices, the environment for young Americans to build a secure future is in place.

Finally, by not only pulling all troops from Iraq and eliminating most of Al Qaeda’s leadership including Osama Bin Laden in the year of 2011, leading to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as well.

Keeping all these accomplishments in mind, it becomes harder to believe the naysayers and their opinion that the youth of America won’t be backing President Obama in November 2012 again. Well, the results speak for themselves…