President Obama will run for the Presidency in 2012

April 22, 2011

President Obama has recently announced his desire to run for the Presidency again even though the Republicans haven’t suggested a candidate for the Presidency just yet. Obama told a group of supporters, in making the announcement through email, that while he is focused on doing the job that they elected him to do, the foundation of the campaign begins today.

The email message contained a video titled “It Begins with Us”, and which highlights Obama’s supporters throughout the country while also emphasizing the campaign’s grassroots efforts. And instead of spending campaigning money right away, the President also makes it clear that the campaign would primarily consist of a person-to-person campaigning approach while also being localized as well.

The person-to-person campaigning is very evident on the website where supporters explain why they support Obama through their tweets and comments. And among the many people who admire and support him, BYU students have recently joined these ranks and the conversation at his website as well.

On the other hand, Republicans have been noted to be lagging behind when it comes to their preparations for 2012 as many big names in the Republican Party are yet to announce their intentions to run for the Presidency in 2012.

A debate between Republican candidates which was earlier scheduled for May 2 will have to be rescheduled for September due to the fact that no big names have made their announcements just yet. And while some people find this to be very singular, there is no doubt that this delayed approach also has its advantages as well.