Pawlenty Lashes Out On Economic Policy

July 18, 2011

Article by Sandra Jackson of Where Is My Vote?

According to the former Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty, and now a Republican Presidential candidate, has not minced words when it came Obama’s and the Republican Party’s stand on foreign policy.

He blamed the quick withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan on the ‘isolationist sentiments’ of the Republican party that could result in endangering U.S interests around the world.

Pawlenty, in his speech, at the Council on Foreign Relations said, “America already has one political party devoted to decline, retrenchment and withdrawal. It does not need a second one,” clearly indicating that the Democrats (and in particular, Obama) weren’t doing their job and it wasn’t in the best interests for the Republicans to follow suit.

With most of his speech focusing on events in the Middle East, he said that Obama had not followed a proper strategy when it came to Egypt, Libya and Syria and his stunning lack of good judgment was made evident in the handling of the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

In elaborating on the latter, he said that the President does not have any policy but an attitude towards the peace process; one that considers Israel to be the problem. In saying so, he also said that if he was elected next year as President, his administration would support Israel in the peace process. In addition to spelling out Obama’s foreign policy misdemeanors, he also said that the President should be blamed for empowering the mullahs in Iran while not being firm enough with Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad.

His observation on the withdrawal of troops clearly tells observers that there are inconsistencies between the GOP’s members when it comes to foreign policy, and this is something that they must work towards to resolve before taking on the challenge of dethroning Obama (and the Democrats) from the White House.