Obama vows to work tirelessly to create jobs

December 4, 2009

President Barack Obama pledged his support to get unemployed Americans back into the workforce, based on encouraging signs from the economy. The past month of November represents an optimistic time as the number of jobs lost narrowed to 11,000, and the unemployment rate dipped to 10%. “My commitment to you, the American people, is that I will focus every single day on how we can get people back to work, and how we can build an economy that continues to make real the promise of America for generations to come,” Obama said in his weekly radio address.

The reason for this buoyed nature of the President is that experts predicted a loss of 125,000 jobs, and the jobless rates remain unchanged from the month of October at 10.2%. However, the surprising positive figures seem to suggest that the economy might be approaching a job growth level that would begin supporting a recovery. According to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, the President might consider the use of the remaining funds from the 700-billion-dollar bailout package to fund job creation programs.

Critics of President Obama would prefer to see the residual funds, amounting to 317 billion dollars, used to settle a part of the 1.502 trillion dollar budget deficit. Obama, however, remains steadfastly committed to the job creation process. He has called on the private sector for help and is considering offering a tax break to small businesses that take on new workers for job-intensive energy projects.