Obama Still Leads GOP Candidates in California

August 31, 2011

According to a new USC Dornsife/ Los Angeles Times Poll, President Obama is still ahead of the GOP candidates, even the ones that have recently emerged from the pack of GOP Presidential candidate hopefuls.

Although his lead has dropped a little from the time when he was elected as President, he still stay on top beating by Romney by 19 points and Perry by 24 points. The other GOP candidates fall way behind as it seems that the people are not happy with the way the Republican Party has failed to support the government in their initiatives to resurrect the economy.

Fifty-five percent of women and nonpartisan voters, who comprise the strong voting groups in California, are still behind President Obama and think that he has done a good job with the Presidency so far. Fifty-nine percent of Latinos also concur with this judgment that the President is doing the best that he can for the last few years.

When it comes to the two Republican candidates, the general consensus was that the candidate to be picked will be the one who will stand a chance against Obama when the election campaign begins, and by these standards, Romney is narrowly ahead at the moment even though some voters are taking a fancy to Perry, thanks to his past experience with Texas.

However, the fact still remains that most people do not know most of these Republican candidates, and when given a choice between picking a Democratic or Republican candidate, most people said that they would vote for the former.