Obama Ends the War in Iraq, as Promised in 2008

December 31, 2011

Recent events including the death of Muammar Gadaffi and Osama Bin Laden as well as the withdrawal of troops from Iraq has established Obama as a strong leader when it comes to foreign policy. Even though it seems as if Obama has kept his word when it comes to the troops in Iraq, Americans think that his inability to create new jobs matter much more.

“President Obama has a strong footing on foreign policy because of the string of victories that have happened over the past year — if nothing else occurs. However, it’s an extremely volatile environment.”

All these events count for much more because in November next year, Obama cannot use his recent achievements for a second Presidency because the focus is more on the economy and the creation of jobs at the moment.

This was revealed in a Pew poll where almost 55 percent of Americans consider unemployment to be the important issue that Obama must attend to while only about 6 percent think that foreign policy, which includes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, just as important.

With the Republican candidates making accusations saying that Obama has thrown Israel under the bus while also making a big error in not leaving any troops in Iraq as they withdraw at the close of 2011, the one that they have most vociferous about has been Iran’s capability of making a nuclear warhead within a year.

Yet what is apparent is that the issue that Americans will be watching out for is the progress of the economy in the months leading up to the November elections.