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President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

 WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to appoint the following individuals to key Administration posts:   ·         Susan Athey, Member, President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science ·         Judge Wm. Terrell Hodges, Member, Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation ·         Robert Stanton, Member, Board... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at a DNC Event

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you, everybody.  Thank you.  Please — thank you so much.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Everybody sit down.  Have a seat.       I know all of you wish that Stevie would just keep on playing.  (Laughter.)  I understand that, and I can relate to it.  I was mentioning to Marc — and I hate to do this to you, Stevie, because I’m dating you a little bit —... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at a DNC Event

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, San Francisco!  (Applause.)  Thank you!  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you so much.  Thank you, everybody.  Everybody, have a seat.  Thank you so much.  It’s good to be back in San Francisco.  (Applause.)       Part of the reason is I’ve got some great friends here.  (Applause.)  And a couple people I want to acknowledge:  Somebody who is one of the... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at a DNC Event

THE PRESIDENT: Everybody please be seated. Thank you. It is wonderful to be here, and I’ll admit I sort of slept in. (Laughter.) That whole three-hour time difference is okay. I did stay up late last night, so I had an excuse. We’ve got just some great friends in the audience, people who have helped us in so many ways and helped California is so many ways. I just want to acknowledge a few folks... [Read more]

Remarks by the President in a Town Hall in Reno, Nevada

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Hello, Reno!  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Please, everybody have a seat. It is great to be back here in Reno, great to be back in Nevada.  I am thrilled that all of you are here.  We’ve got some special, special people that I want to acknowledge.  First of all, I want to thank Electra Therm for hosting us, and John Fox, the CEO of Electra Therm, is here. ... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at a DNC Event in Los Angeles, California

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you.  Thank you, everybody.  Have a seat, have a seat.   First of all, I just want to say how grateful I am to Ken and John for agreeing to take on the tough task of co-chairing our finance committee here in southern California.  They have been great friends and great supporters from the get-go.  And I have to say, I did not realize John... [Read more]

Statement by President Obama Marking the One-Year Anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

One year ago today, the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded, killing eleven men and ultimately releasing an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  That catastrophic event deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans, from local fishermen to restaurant and hotel owners and small businesses throughout the region.  From the beginning, my administration brought every available... [Read more]

Readout of the President’s call with British Prime Minister Cameron

President Obama spoke with British Prime Minister David Cameron today as part of his ongoing consultations with coalition allies and partners on Libya.  The President and Prime Minister agreed that United Nations Security Council resolutions on Libya must be fully implemented. In addition to increasing military pressure and protecting civilians through the coalition operation that NATO is leading,... [Read more]

Remarks by the President at a Facebook Town Hall

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you so much, Facebook, for hosting this, first of all.  (Applause.)  My name is Barack Obama, and I’m the guy who got Mark to wear a jacket and tie.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  (Laughter.)  I’m very proud of that.  (Laughter.)       MR. ZUCKERBERG:  Second time.       THE PRESIDENT:  I know.  (Laughter.)  I will say — and I hate to tell... [Read more]

Background on the President’s Meeting with Senior Administration Officials and Stakeholders on Immigration

This Tuesday, the President will meet with Senior Administration officials and stakeholders to discuss the importance of fixing the broken immigration system for our nation’s 21st century economic and security needs so that America can win the future. The President will also discuss how we can work together to foster a constructive national conversation on this important issue as we work to build... [Read more]

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