CATEGORY: November 2009

Remarks by the President to Service Members, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska 5:39 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Elmendorf! (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Please — thank you so much. Anybody who has a seat, go ahead and take a seat. I want to thank General Troy for the introduction and for his extraordinary service; to Colonel Mark Camerer and your outstanding local leaders for welcoming me here... [Read more]

Remarks by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan in Joint Press Conference

Kantei, Tokyo, Japan 8:24 P.M. JST PRIME MINISTER HATOYAMA: (As translated.) President Obama, I would like to welcome you to Japan. I’d like to express my heartfelt welcome to you. It is very hard — despite the tragedy of the mass shooting in your country, that you have taken time out of a busy schedule to come and join us here today. We’re very thankful to you. And today we... [Read more]

Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abhisit of Thailand After ASEAN-10 Meeting

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 5:16 P.M. SGT PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, good afternoon, everybody. We have just concluded the first ever meeting between a United States President and the leaders of all 10 ASEAN countries. And I’d like to thank my friends, Prime Minister Lee, for hosting, and Prime Minister Abhisit, for co-chairing this historic meeting. As I said in Tokyo yesterday, the United States... [Read more]

Remarks by President Barack Obama at Suntory Hall

Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10:12 A.M. JST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you so much. Arigatou. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Good morning. It is a great honor to be in Tokyo — the first stop on my first visit to Asia as President of the United States. (Applause.) Thank you. It is good to be among so many of you — Japanese and I see a few Americans here — (applause) — who... [Read more]

Remarks by President Barack Obama and Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng before bilateral meeting

Xijio State Guest House, Shanghai, China 11:03 A.M. CST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you so much for your hospitality. This is my first visit to Shanghai, and we’ve been so impressed with the incredible growth in the city and the great warmth of the people who have received us. SECRETARY YU: (As translated.) Shanghai is a city that witnessed the progress of the diplomatic relations between China... [Read more]

Remarks by President Obama and President Yudhoyono of Indonesia after Bilateral Meeting

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hello, everybody. I just wanted to make a brief statement about the wonderful relationship that I’ve been able to develop with President Yudhoyono. As many of you know, I have some historic ties to Indonesia, but I am also extraordinarily impressed with the progress that Indonesia has made in developing its democracy. I want to congratulate the... [Read more]

Remarks by President Obama and President Hu of China Before Expanded Bilateral Meeting

Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China 11:23 A.M. CST PRESIDENT HU: (As translated.) Mr. President, I’m very happy to have talks with you. This is your first state visit to China. To begin with, please allow me to extend on behalf of the Chinese government and of the Chinese people and in my own name, a warm welcome to you, Mr. President, and all the delegates of your delegation. Just now... [Read more]

Remarks by President Barack Obama at Town Hall Meeting with Future Chinese Leaders

Museum of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China 1:18 P.M. CST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. I’d like to thank Fudan University’s President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome. I’d also like to thank our outstanding Ambassador, Jon Huntsman, who exemplifies... [Read more]

Remarks by President Barack Obama and President Lee Myung-Bak of Republic of Korea in Joint Press Conference

Blue House, Seoul, South Korea 12:35 P.M. KST PRESIDENT LEE: (As translated.) We have beautiful weather today. I know that yesterday we had sub-zero cold. And President Obama brought with him very nice weather. On behalf of the people of the Republic of Korea, I wish to extend our warmest welcome and greetings to President Obama and his delegation. We know how much President Obama appreciates... [Read more]

Remarks by the President in a Bilateral Meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao of China

Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing, China 11:49 A.M. CST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, Mr. Premier, I want to thank you very much for your hospitality and this meeting. And I want to send my regards not only from my delegation but also from the American people. Now, I can tell you that those members of my government who have had dealings with you before have always come away impressed with your knowledge... [Read more]

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