CATEGORY: July 2009

President at Luncheon Fundraiser with Governor Jon Corzine, 7/16/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. It is good to see you. Hello, New Jersey! (Applause.) All right, everybody have a seat. Everybody have a seat. I want to begin by just making a few acknowledgements. First of all, I’m going to have a lot to say about this guy, but I just want everybody to know that one of my earliest supporters, somebody who had faith and confidence in me before I was a United States... [Read more]

Remarks by the President Obama on Health Care Reform, 7/15/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Good afternoon. I am pleased to be joined by not only some of my former colleagues and outstanding legislators, but also by nurses. And I think I’ve said this before — I really like nurses. (Laughter.) And so to have them here today on behalf of such a critical issue at a critical time is extraordinary. Let me introduce a few of them. We’ve got Becky... [Read more]

President on the American Graduation Initiative in Warren, MI, 7/14/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Michigan! (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you so much. First of all, give Joe a big round of applause for the wonderful introduction. (Applause.) We’ve got some special guests here — now, if everybody has chairs, go ahead and use them. (Laughter.) Feel free. We’ve got some special guests here today that I just want to acknowledge. All of you are special,... [Read more]

President Obama and Prime Minister Balkenende of the Netherlands after meeting

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hello, everybody — you guys all set up? Well, let me just make a very brief statement. I am very pleased to have Prime Minister Balkenende here and his delegation. We are about to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson, on behalf of a Dutch company exploring Manhattan and helping to lay the groundwork for the United States. And that’s going to be an incredible... [Read more]

President at Urban and Metropolitan Roundtable

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. (Applause.) A couple of quick acknowledgments. Where’s Greg — where’s Greg Nickels? There you are, Greg. Thank you so much for your participation today. I understand Governor Rendell is here, or was here. He may have stepped out, but when he comes back in, I hope to have a chance to say hello to him. Burrell Ellis, CEO of DeKalb County —... [Read more]

President honoring the 2008 MLS Champion Columbus Crew Soccer Team

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Please have a seat. Well, welcome to the White House, and congratulations to the Columbus Crew on winning your first MLS Cup. Give them a big round of applause. (Applause.) There are a couple people who are big fans, and so — they also happen to be members of Congress. I want to acknowledge them: Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Representative Steve Driehaus,... [Read more]

The President In Announcement Of US Surgeon General, 7/13/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. Before I introduce America’s next Surgeon General, I’d like to say a few words about our ongoing efforts to reform the health care system that she will help oversee. We are now closer to the goal of health care reform than we have ever been. Over the last several weeks, key committees in the House and the Senate have made important and unprecedented... [Read more]

President Obama And President Mills Of Ghana At Departure Cermony

PRESIDENT MILLS: Fellow Ghanaians — fellow Ghanaians, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, far too soon, our august visitor is scheduled to be leaving us. But I would want on your behalf to thank him, his wife, his children, and his entire delegation for the honor that they have done us by choosing us as the first country to visit in sub-Saharan Africa. (Applause.) We thank him for the message... [Read more]

The President At Cape Coast Castle

THE PRESIDENT: Michelle, the children, as well as other members of my family, just got an extraordinary tour of this castle. It is reminiscent of the trip I took to Buchenwald because it reminds us of the capacity of human beings to commit great evil. One of the most striking things that I heard was that right above the dungeons in which male captives were kept was a church, and that reminds us... [Read more]

president Obama And President Mills Of Ghana After Bilateral Meeting

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hello, everybody. PRESIDENT MILLS: We indeed consider as well as an honor and a privilege to have with us President Barack Obama. We’re happy that this is the first country that he’s visiting as U.S. President, and we like the positive signals that this visit is sending and will continue to send. We want to congratulate you on the choice of Ghana and want to tell... [Read more]

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