CATEGORY: December 2009

Remarks by the First Lady at Grassroots Campaign Event with Democratic Candidate for Governor Tom Wolf — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11:29 A.M. EDT MRS. OBAMA:  Hey, Philadelphia!  (Applause.)  You all are looking good.  I’m really thrilled, I’m really proud to be here with you.  I am here — AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you! MRS. OBAMA:  I love you, your President loves you.  That’s why we’re here — because we want to make sure that you have an outstanding Governor.  So I’m... [Read more]

Weekly Address: Passing the American Jobs Act

WASHINGTON—In this week’s address, President Obama urged Congress to pass the American Jobs Act without delay so that businesses will be able to hire more workers and every American who wants a job will be able to find one.  The President’s jobs bill keeps cops on the streets and teachers in the classrooms, cuts taxes for small businesses, and puts construction workers back to work without... [Read more]

Community Bankers Meet With Obama as Regulation Fight Heats Up

With tighter financial regulations looming in the near future, community bankers met up with President Barack Obama to state their concerns. The President took the opportunity to push his stance on bankers increasing lending to small businesses. Voicing his concern on the current situation he said “The pendulum may have swung too far in the direction of not lending”. However, on the complaint... [Read more]

New Cyber Security Czar Faces Huge Hurdles

Somewhat surprisingly, President Barack Obama has turned to the private sector to find a coordinator for cyber security in his administration. The man picked for the job is Howard A. Schmidt, a veteran in cyber security who counts Microsoft, eBay, FBI, and the Air Force among others as his former taskmasters. To top it all off he is a former military man as well. “Howard is a good march for this... [Read more]

Obama’s Nuke-free Vision Drawing Fire

President Barack Obama’s vision of a nuclear free world is running into problems day by day. Eight months after he outlined a key principle of his foreign policy initiatives in a speech in Prague, Obama is still trying hard to enact the phase out of nuclear weapons. The biggest obstacle is surprisingly not the GOP, but U.S. agencies like the Pentagon. This is the latest in a list of obstacles that... [Read more]

White House warns foes on terror politics

The attack on the Northwest jet by a 23-year-old Nigerian has caused a political maelstrom for the Obama administration. This has led The White House to issue a warning to its political opponents to refrain from initiating a “partisan tug of war over terrorism”. In what is seen as an attempt to avoid panicking and traumatizing the American public, President Obama has avoided any television comment... [Read more]

Health Care Reform: The Battle Continues

While the Democrats are celebrating and the press is trumpeting a Republican loss, passage of the Health care reform bill is far from certain. Although the bill was passed in the house 220-215, the margin was an extremely. Add to this, the bill is yet to pass in the Senate, which is the ultimate test. The Senate is a where minority parties or individuals have a lot of say and can place a block to the... [Read more]

Obama puts $3.5B to fix failing schools

The Obama administration will spend at least $3.5 billion in an effort to revamp schools with bad performance records. The plan stretches over a five-year period and aims to address at least 5,000 of the worst performing schools. Education Secretary Arne Duncan heads the effort, which is an extension of President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind law. “As a country, we need to get into... [Read more]

Friendlier Obama tune on Cuba brings musical détente

President Barack Obama’s softer approach to U.S.–Cuba relationships is paying dividends, culturally. Well-known Cuban musicians are starting to make their way into the U.S. for tours and are finding it easy to get their visas as well. Omara Portuondo is one such artiste who was in America recently. The 79-year-old diva was invited to help host the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. If the ceremony... [Read more]

Obama shifts Copenhagen trip as prospects brighten

The international climate summit in Copenhagen seems to be heading in positive direction as the U.S., India, and China have specific proposals for the first time. The fact that President Barack Obama will be present at the summit on December 18, a crucial period for the talks, signifies that the world could be in for some positive news. Obama was initially scheduled to do a flying visit to Denmark... [Read more]

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